Artificial Intelligence

2008 Loebner Prize

The well known Loebner Turing Test Prize contest for artificial intelligence is waiting for the selection of a winner as it wrapped up its 2008 contest with six finalists for the preliminary phase: Elbot [Fred Roberts], Eugene Goostman [Vladimir Veselov], Brother Jerome [Peter Cole & Benji Adams], Jabberwacky [Rollo Carpenter], Alice [Richard Wallace], and Ultra […]

Memory Cell Research Identifies Neurons Memory Location

From the newsdesk: Scientists working on localizing memory in brain cells have observed brain cells in the act of summoning a memory. FTA: The researchers were even able to identify specific memories in subjects a second or two before the people themselves reported having them. While these are single-cell recordings, and as such cannot provide […]

Debunking the Memristor Brain 2.0 Metaphors?

UPDATE: (April 2010) Science has spoken: two years after this post was written, a paper in Nano Letters will “[demonstrate] that this system is capable of a memory and learning process called spike timing dependent plasticity.” The memristor brain proof-of-concept awaits the slow approach from paper to prototype fabrication. Old Post: From todays HP Lab […]

2 3 Universal Turing Machine proof

The 2 3 Turing Machine proof challenge from Wolfram has been proven! The simplest possible universal Turing Machine may now advance. thanks to Alex Smith, a 20-year-old undergraduate from Birmingham, UK, who produced a 40-page proof. There is still some controversy and time awaits the peer review, but..