The term Memtransistor, a portmanteau of memristor and transistor, (and no relation to MEMS transistors), is generally used to describe a class of proposed and experimental hybrid memristor-transistors. In general it refers to multi terminal (two-terminal and greater) hybrid memristor-transistive devices and models which attempt to exhibit memristive switching effects. Models primarily look to leverage […]

Noise and Variation Tolerant Multilevel Memristor Memory (MLMM) Systems, MRAM macros for Memory-in-Logic

Memristor related papers and abstracts from the 20th Great Lakes symposium on VLSI (May 16 – 18, 2010): Design considerations for variation tolerant multilevel CMOS/Nano memristor memory (Harika Manem, Garrett S. Rose, Xiaoli He, Wei Wang) examines, in part, unfolded crossbar memory noise margins and power consumption: “This work analyzes the design constraints for nanoscale […]

Types of Memristors

There are quite a few vectors of inquiry researching various types of memristors. The material implementation of a memristor is important to how they behave in a memristive system. its important to understand the difference between a memristor, and a memristive system, because the specific type of memristor can highlight different strengths and weaknesses, and […]

Memristor Applications

What Memristive applications are on the horizon, and how close are they to reality? We look at a survey of memristor applications and technology, starting from what the first devices will look like, and where they might go. This reference page will be updated as advances in each of the areas are made. – Non-volatile […]

2010 Second Memristor and Memristive Systems Symposium Video Series

The 2nd Memristor and Memristive Systems Symposium took place from February 2-4, 2010 at Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley, an extension of the first Memristor and Memristive Systems Symposium, held at UC Berkeley, November 21-22, 2008. Circuit applications, Memristor Fabrication and Modeling, Nanoparticles, Memcapacitors and Meminductors, and more. This series of videos are from the […]

Video: February 04 2010, 2nd Memristor and Memristive Symposium: Panel Discussion

February 04, 2010 — Panel Discussion. The 2nd Memristor and Memristive Systems Symposium, Co-sponsored by UC Merced, UC Berkeley and HP Labs. Funded by the National Science Foundation. [full video series] [CITRIS-UC.ORG] Pinaki Maumdar, Leon Chua, Stan Williams, Steve Hillenius, Kamran Eshraghian, Curt A. Richter, Jue-bang Yu.