Intel hits 20nm Flash Storage SSD Milestone

Intel and Micron announced today they have hit the 20nm Flash MLC NAND target. Last months Toshiba milestone of 24nm NAND flash now has competition. Its being reported that Intel and Micron are sending out samples of 20nm NAND flash, at 2 bits per cell, in 8GB die area sizes of 118mm to selected customers: […]

Magnetism on the Rise: MRAM, Graphene, and Solar

With the recent influx of graphene research breakthroughs in attaching magnetic effects to graphene sheets, and MRAM associated material science advances showing more promise for nvram type magnetic and spin based memory, companies in the MRAM space like: Everspin Technologies (a spinoff from Freescale in 2008, pushing ST-MRAM and who hit 16mb stacks last year […]

Happy Patent Day: Magnetic Core Memory Ram, May 11, 1951

Does hand woven memory sound too poetic to be true? On the occasion of MIT’s 1951 Project Whirlwind‘s electrostatic storage medium the Magnetic Core Memory (RAM), advances in phase change and nonvolatile memory tech made possible by Chua’s memristor mathematics really highlights the almost half century of distance from the earliest model of a memory […]

Samsung settles Rambus Lawsuit: 900 mill

Samsung Electronics Co. settled on a payout of $900 million over five years, resolving an old, and completely labyrinthine lawsuit with Rambus Inc. over their memory chips. The two competitors, in addition to the settlement which involves stock buybacks and other sordid accounting payment details, also stated that they have signed a “memorandum of understanding” […]

Transparent resistive random access memory and its characteristics for nonvolatile resistive switching (TRRAM)

Aside from the fear of invisible androids, a recent paper at Applied Physics Letters on the possibility of transparent resistive memory, or TRRAM, adds another item to the infinite task list of “what can we do with this?”: . This report covers the fabrication of a fully transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) device based […]

Hardware, of a sort: Mice Memories Selectively Erased

This story was pointed out by a reader with the caveat, “We do our own erasing. Who needs the scientists?” Its so off-topic as to be off-color, and doesnt relate to Memory but to Memories, but its just too interesting to pass up, and humor is important lately (read: financial meltdown, credit default derivatives, etc […]