HP Labs and Hynix Semiconductor move towards Memristor Production Schedule

The HP Labs and Hynix partnership is currently producing “hundreds of wafers through a Hynix full-size fab.”, Stan Williams was quoted at the International Electronics Forum 2011 yesterday. No word on how many of HP’s memristive, phase change PCM, and resistive RAM patents are still in process, especially with other competitors such as Samsung and […]

Mesh Networking

Mesh networking components such as zigbee radios amongst others seem to enjoy a certain popularity amongst open source hardware advocates, even though they are often criticized for being hobbyist technology. The recent use mesh networks for the OLPC and third world low cost connectivity though has been an interesting sweet-spot in the deployment of the […]

What Are Memristors?

What is a memristor? Memristors are basically a fourth class of electrical circuit, joining the resistor, the capacitor, and the inductor, that exhibit their unique properties primarily at the nanoscale. Theoretically, Memristors, a concatenation of “memory resistors”, are a type of passive circuit elements that maintain a relationship between the time integrals of current and […]

Memristor Abstract from Nature, Journal of Science

The memristor abstract can be found [ here ]. HP Labs has finally created a working model of a Memristor. Kudos! Now full fledged research into the AI Memristor Brain can begin.