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A Word About Big Data, Debt, and Science, via Data.Gov

Where does Big Data go to die? With the increasing politicization of the topics of debt, economic growth, and what really spurs innovation, as you may have heard via the recent U.S. Presidential address on the United States debt, the recent (in geopolitical timeframes) government programs that have built and maintain Data.Gov (visit it!) and […]

Sensor Roundup: Cisco and 6lowPan, BSI cmos markets, MEMs growth

Sensors and actuators from CMOS to MEMS continue to get the industrial attention they deserve, as the week ends on a round of buyups, production rampups, and forecastups. Now they just need to work on the network bandwith problems… (maybe using some hints from Clifford Nass’s (Stanfords CHIMe Lab) awesome new book “The Man Who […]

Internet of Things 2010 Conference, Tokyo Japan

The 2010 Internet of Things Conference this year November 29 thru December 1, 2010 should be exciting, given the prolific spread and miniaturization of sensors over the past year. The theme is “Internet of Things for a Green Planet”, so get out your pollution sensors. Visit http://www.iot2010.org/ for full details, and for registration. This years […]

Sandisk Integrated iSSD: The SSD Market shrinks.

Sometimes small news can be bigger than big news. Sandisk is lending support to miniaturizing IC embedded hard drives for small SSD sizes less, between 4Gb and 64GB. The SATA interfaced iSSD is designed for efficient integration with low power consumption and mobile/netbook type devices: Performance: Sequential R/W up to 160 MB/s / 100 MB/s […]

Sensor Watch: 6D Nano-Accelerometers, DHS Smartphone Chemical Detectors, and Datalogging Shirts

One of the big benefits that memristors properties fit well with are the emerging needs for distributed sensor technologies. Mesh networks of low power sensors with the ability to store threshold data through possible off-states are quickly becoming an important component in the Internet of Things and even more important as these sensors get linked […]

Memristor Video: Embedded Cellphone Sensors

Interesting video about Memristors with Stan Williams of HP Research. Starts out with a standard “the benefit to the consumer video recorder is enormous,” [not literal quote!], but luckily moves into a much more interesting point, which Dr. Williams discusses a little more in depth: the benefit of the technology vis a vis embedded cell […]