Magnetism on the Rise: MRAM, Graphene, and Solar

With the recent influx of graphene research breakthroughs in attaching magnetic effects to graphene sheets, and MRAM associated material science advances showing more promise for nvram type magnetic and spin based memory, companies in the MRAM space like: Everspin Technologies (a spinoff from Freescale in 2008, pushing ST-MRAM and who hit 16mb stacks last year […]

European Science Foundation: Graphene Week 2011

This years European Science Foundation Graphene Week 2011: Fundamental Science of Graphene and Applications of Graphene-Based Devices, being held this April 24 thru April 29, 2011 near Innsbruck, Austria, will include Andre Geim as Chair! ( A recent paper in Science on results of a team led by Geim has shown evidence of electron flow […]

Aixtron sells an automated 300mm Graphene Deposition unit to Japan

Aixtron A.G. (SE) Germany, [AIXG] one of the large scale makers of a spectrum of semiconductor deposition and coating equipment for not only industrial production but also for specialty research and development labs, recently sold an impressive automated 300mm Graphene deposition system (“Black Magic Graphene”) to the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and […]

IBM Graphene Transistor hits 155 Ghz at 40nm

Graphene continues to show its potential with a new paper out detailing the production of 40nm graphene transistors (on diamond carbon substrate) that scaled to cut off frequencies up to 155Ghz, researchers out of IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, New York stated: The CVD [chemical vapour deposition] graphene was grown on copper film and […]

Nanoscale Thermoelectric Peltier cooling in Graphene

Thermoelectric peltier cooling effects at graphene and metal junctions have been demonstrated by a group out of the University of Illinois. Kyle Grosse, Feifei Lian, Myung-Ho Bae,William King, and Eric Pop used “… atomic force microscopy to measure the temperature distributions at the contacts of working graphene transistors”: Our data indicate that thermoelectric effects account […]