Aixtron sells an automated 300mm Graphene Deposition unit to Japan

moneybag Aixtron A.G. (SE) Germany, [AIXG] one of the large scale makers of a spectrum of semiconductor deposition and coating equipment for not only industrial production but also for specialty research and development labs, recently sold an impressive automated 300mm Graphene deposition system (“Black Magic Graphene”) to the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology:

“The AIXTRON automated Black Magic Graphene system met the very challenging requirements by the project group of Synthesis and Transfer Application of Graphene at the Collaborative Research Team Green Nanoelectronics Center (GNC) Japan. The system will be used for the development and application of Nanocarbon materials, which is one of the three main research assignments of GNC established at AIST in April 2010.” (Press Release)

Good to see these large international research and development groups are still spending on science, even in the midst of the non-linear dynamics out there in the world. As more of these larger, automated beds for production testing and research come online, we will see a likewise increase in the velocity and focus of results on a spectrum of substrates across the board, not just graphene. And with more results showing the possibility of carbon based, magnetic graphene effects on the horizon, such as last weeks UMD paper on “Tunable Kondo Effect in Graphene with Defects” [nature physics], flexible computing will also see benefits from such substrate R and D improvements.

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