RezQu Quantum Architecture hits 4 Qubits

QuantumSchrodinger At this weeks American Physical Society March Meeting [APS], its been reported a team has built out a 4 qubit 6x6cm quantum chip using the RezQu architecture model:

RezQu seems to have an edge in one crucial arena – scalability – that makes it a good candidate for the far more complex circuits that would constitute a quantum computer proper. “There are competing architectures, like ion traps – trapping ions with lasers, but the complexity there is that you have to have a huge room full of PhDs just to run your lasers,” Mr Lucero told BBC News. “There’s already promise to show how this architecture could scale, and we’ve created custom electronics based on cellphone technology which has driven the cost down a lot.” [BBC]

With the increasing recent interest in hardware implementations of algorithmic solutions, notably the quantum photon modeling of Shor’s algorithm, and Yuriy Pershin and Massimiliano Di Ventras recent parallel methodology for solving memristor mazes [], if quantum computing can truly hit 10 qubits by years end, it both will and will not be an exciting time for mathematics.

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