3G Arduino shield out (3G + GPS)

It may run around $250US at launch, but another company (Libelium) who makes sensors and embedded processing devices with an “open source division” has released a 3G shield for Arduino that comes with both WCDMA and HSPA, GPS, audio/video kit, SD mounts up to 32GB and a slew of other goodies. The M2M space isn’t […]

Broadcom WICED embedded wi-fi single chips moves Networked Devices forward

Networked devices and connectivity for both embedded sensors and other internet-of-things tech got a boost as another player enters the space with another embedded hardware/software single-chip networking device. Broadcom released a press released with an overview earlier today. “Press Release” jargon aside, they look like they’ll be pretty fun to tinker with. Time to make […]

Invisible Computers: CENSE, Big Data, Stan Williams, and Ubiquitous Computing

Big Data, Stan Williams CENSE (Central Nervous System for the Earth), Ubicomp, (Ubiquitous Computing), sensors and memristors get another NYT mention by John Markoff this week (titled Computers as Invisible as the Air). Especially pleased to see the mention of the Big Data problem, clearly and rigorously on the horizon. As more and more of […]

Ultrathin Brain-Computer Interfaces advance

A study published recently in the April issue of Nature Materials has shown some advances in the area of creating better interfaces for sensing neurological and brain neural activity. In the study, neurologists implanted a silk based, ultrathin Brain Computer Interface mesh onto the visual processing area of a cats brain. “Dissolvable films of silk […]

Sensor Watch: 6D Nano-Accelerometers, DHS Smartphone Chemical Detectors, and Datalogging Shirts

One of the big benefits that memristors properties fit well with are the emerging needs for distributed sensor technologies. Mesh networks of low power sensors with the ability to store threshold data through possible off-states are quickly becoming an important component in the Internet of Things and even more important as these sensors get linked […]