Riemann Hypothesis, round n^9^9^9!

The Riemann hypothesis, one of the millennium prizes offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute, has had a long and varied history attempts upon it: the conjectures really boil down to assessing how close the current approximation of n / ln n primes less than a given number the solution truly is. So it ends up […]

Festschrift Dedicated to Leon O Chua

A reader who was (quote) “…browsing through various recent releases in the electronic reference “aisle” of Amazon, I came across this gem, a festschrift dedicated to Leon Chua from his 60th birthday, and thought you might be interested in the historical value. Partly since actual physical books on paper are becoming rarer and rarer.” Very […]

2 3 Universal Turing Machine proof

The 2 3 Turing Machine proof challenge from Wolfram has been proven! The simplest possible universal Turing Machine may now advance. thanks to Alex Smith, a 20-year-old undergraduate from Birmingham, UK, who produced a 40-page proof. There is still some controversy and time awaits the peer review, but..

Grigori Perelman and the Poincare conjecture

A Russian mathematician by the name of Grigory Perelman proposed a proof of the Poincaré Conjecture in 2003, but only this last year have peers begun to come to the conclusion that he is correct. A recent article details some of the current talking points in the Great Debate.