phase change memory

Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in small plane crash

Sadly, it’s being reported that chipmaker Micron’s CEO, Steve Appleton, has died in a small airplane crash in Boise, Idaho. Micron [NASDAQ:MU] has become a real player in multiple fields under his leadership. In 2010, Micron also aquired Numonyx Holdings, and added strong capabilities in NOR and NAND Flash, DRAM, and Phase Change memory. More […]

HP Labs and Hynix Semiconductor move towards Memristor Production Schedule

The HP Labs and Hynix partnership is currently producing “hundreds of wafers through a Hynix full-size fab.”, Stan Williams was quoted at the International Electronics Forum 2011 yesterday. No word on how many of HP’s memristive, phase change PCM, and resistive RAM patents are still in process, especially with other competitors such as Samsung and […]

NYT: Scaling Memory Outlooks

The NY Times has a good summary article on the emerging memory industry, with Rice University and PrivaTran, one of the early producers of the Rice 5nm silicon oxide switches, being put head to head with HP’s memristors and Intel, I.B.M., Numonyx and Samsungs phase change memory push: H.P. has for several years been making […]

Phase Change Memory energy promises 20 percent extended mobile battery life

Hot on the heels of Samsungs hopeful and rosy announcement of phase change memory chips in the smartphone market comes a further promise of PCM smartphones with PRAM multichips having their battery life extended by up to 20%: Smartphones could have their battery life extended by up to 20% by changing what type of memory […]

Samsungs Phase-change Memory (pram)

Samsungs phase change memory (PRAM) gets a press release: On the heel of last weeks missing of the 1gb, 45nm phase change memory deadline by Numonyx (ie, Micron, ie intel), comes the announcement that Samsung Electronics, a Numonyx competitor in the PCM memory arena, is planning on shipping a nonvolatile multichip pram package for smartphones […]