green technology

elLoka’s Home Computer (HC), a 5w, ultra low-power home computing device

elLoka, a design company in India is promoting the release of an ultra-small, low power, 5 watt “home computer”, claiming its the first such product to be completely designed and manufactured in India. First or not, 5 watts or not, its still a great push towards really, really thin client computing: the design looks like […]

Belkin buys Zensi Home Energy Monitoring Sensors

Its just one moment in the home energy monitoring churn, but its of interest because Belkin both has some consumer clout, and is also known to the general public as the “cable and outlet” people. So when Belkin buys a small home energy monitoring sensor company like Zensi a week or two ago, one can […]

The Great Green Debate

The roiling debate over green products in the electronic manufacturing sector is a strange hybrid of cultural assumptions: there seems to be a background cultural trope that says, technology is good, technology is what helps us achieve low-environmental impact, etc… and then, there are the practices of large scale consumer product manufacturing and economic realities. […]