elLoka’s Home Computer (HC), a 5w, ultra low-power home computing device

chip elLoka, a design company in India is promoting the release of an ultra-small, low power, 5 watt “home computer”, claiming its the first such product to be completely designed and manufactured in India. First or not, 5 watts or not, its still a great push towards really, really thin client computing: the design looks like its just big enough to hold all the various vga and usb ports. Starts out with 25mb of space, relying on usb for expandable storage. Did we mention 5 watts? First, check out the awesome video, then read below for the MVP specs:

From the PR hose:

The elLoka can be connected to a standard television or a monitor, which is then used as the display unit. The box consumes less than 5 watts of power, and comes with applications like MS Word, Excel, YouTube, Facebook, Google Docs, audio-video player and 25 megabytes of user space with expandable storage option on USB sticks,” [.. edit ..] a spokesman said the company was primarily targeting students and will be launching in the next six months a pictorial-based math concept learning content package for Class I to XII that comes in a USB stick for Rs 900. [link]

An image of the elloka:

Specs from elloka.com

Video Outputs: VGA/HDMI/CVBS
Audio Interfaces: Head Phone,
Connectivity: Ethernet LAN
Storage: USB Stick, USB HDD
Power: 12V, 1A DC Power

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