Intel SSD Roadmap Drives larger than 600GB?

An article on Intels roadmap for SSD shows theyre going for 600GB tops in their Postville SSD design, using a 34nm process… and sticking to MLC vs SLC. First off is a refresh to the high performance X25-M range of SSDs. Currently available in 80GB and 160GB models, these will be replaced by a new […]

Samsungs Phase-change Memory (pram)

Samsungs phase change memory (PRAM) gets a press release: On the heel of last weeks missing of the 1gb, 45nm phase change memory deadline by Numonyx (ie, Micron, ie intel), comes the announcement that Samsung Electronics, a Numonyx competitor in the PCM memory arena, is planning on shipping a nonvolatile multichip pram package for smartphones […]

IM Flash (IMFT, Intel and Micron) hit 25nm NAND Mark

As written about earlier, the intel and micron co-development company IM Flash (IMFI) is announcing theyve reached a 25nm NAND design and manufacturing milestone. This is great news for SSD and flash memory markets, although not necessarily for competitors. Still, the ONFI (Open NAND Flash Interface) consortium as a whole stands to benefit in part… […]

X25-M Intel SSD Toolbox Firmware Upgrade for Windows 7 OS Problems

Its being reported in Computer World that the Intel release of the SSD Toolkit firmware upgrade software was pulled after it was found to crash both the Intel X25-M G2 160GB and 80GB SSD drives: “We have been contacted by users with issues with the 34-nanometer Intel SSD firmware upgrade and are investigating. We take […]

Intel, Hitachi to enter into high-end Flash Memory SSD Storage arena

Intel’s announcement of a deal with Hitachi to become the primary supplier of flash memory for Hitachi’s upcoming line of high end SSD solid-state computer drives, particularly for computer servers and storage systems, foments a shakedown of the players in the market. Currently Intel has a joint partnership with Micron for a range of flash […]