IM Flash (IMFT, Intel and Micron) hit 25nm NAND Mark

As written about earlier, the intel and micron co-development company IM Flash (IMFI) is announcing theyve reached a 25nm NAND design and manufacturing milestone.

This is great news for SSD and flash memory markets, although not necessarily for competitors. Still, the ONFI (Open NAND Flash Interface) consortium as a whole stands to benefit in part… Since around 2006, Micron and Intel, along with other manufacturers of NAND like SanDisk, Hynix, and Sony, have worked to develop open NAND memory and device standards.

It looks like the first product will be an 8GB NAND device with a die size of 167mm²; almost twice the capacity of the existing 34nm device.

IMFT has stated consumer products and SSD with 25nm flash memory will ship near the end of 2010, with some earlier prosumer productss available earlier.

Video from TH:

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