Braidwood NAND V. SSD V. Numonyx V. Intel

On the heels of new rumors about Micron possibly picking up Numonyx from Intel comes a websphere discussion about the possible threat Braidwood, Intel’s new native flash memory module currently spec’d for the first or second quarter of 2010, may pose to the emerging SSD market. Braidwood is promoted as an inexpensive motherboard NAND flash cache for all I/O that will purportedly offer real performance increases. [see dailytech]. This seems like Intel could be working against Intel… or, for Intel, but in classic terms, this is called hedging your bets. While some are saying what this means for consumers is cheaper faster desktop/laptop/netbook memory caches, and what it means for SSD consumers in higher prices and slower time-to-market, it doesnt necessarily follow that one market is the same as the other. However, with Intel simultaneously looking to extricate themselves from Numonyx (the consortium of Intel and STMicroelectronics around phase-change and NOR memory technology from Ovonyx), who knows whats in the mix. Intel also shares partial interest in IM Flash Technologies LLC. with Micron.

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