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Broadcom WICED embedded wi-fi single chips moves Networked Devices forward

Networked devices and connectivity for both embedded sensors and other internet-of-things tech got a boost as another player enters the space with another embedded hardware/software single-chip networking device. Broadcom released a press released with an overview earlier today. “Press Release” jargon aside, they look like they’ll be pretty fun to tinker with. Time to make […]

1 Transistor – 1 Memristor Cell RRAM on flexible substrates advances

Researchers out of Korea recently published a paper on their success in implementing a single titanium oxide based memristor integrated with a single crystal silicon transistor. In addition to future research into improvements for the “read” problem of nonvolatile memory via a diode and unipolar resistor combination, they created and tested a 1 Transistor, 1 […]

Nanoscale Thermoelectric Peltier cooling in Graphene

Thermoelectric peltier cooling effects at graphene and metal junctions have been demonstrated by a group out of the University of Illinois. Kyle Grosse, Feifei Lian, Myung-Ho Bae,William King, and Eric Pop used “… atomic force microscopy to measure the temperature distributions at the contacts of working graphene transistors”: Our data indicate that thermoelectric effects account […]

Memristor MOS Content Addressable Memory (MCAM) [archiv.org]

A new paper from IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS, VOL.X, NO.X, 201X titled “Memristor MOS Content Addressable Memory (MCAM): Hybrid Architecture for Future High Performance Search Engines” details the results of recent simulation matrices run on MCAM memristor models using a behavioral modeling approach; results on low power consumption in memory […]

elLoka’s Home Computer (HC), a 5w, ultra low-power home computing device

elLoka, a design company in India is promoting the release of an ultra-small, low power, 5 watt “home computer”, claiming its the first such product to be completely designed and manufactured in India. First or not, 5 watts or not, its still a great push towards really, really thin client computing: the design looks like […]

Phase Change Memory energy promises 20 percent extended mobile battery life

Hot on the heels of Samsungs hopeful and rosy announcement of phase change memory chips in the smartphone market comes a further promise of PCM smartphones with PRAM multichips having their battery life extended by up to 20%: Smartphones could have their battery life extended by up to 20% by changing what type of memory […]