1 Transistor – 1 Memristor Cell RRAM on flexible substrates advances

Researchers out of Korea recently published a paper on their success in implementing a single titanium oxide based memristor integrated with a single crystal silicon transistor. In addition to future research into improvements for the “read” problem of nonvolatile memory via a diode and unipolar resistor combination, they created and tested a 1 Transistor, 1 […]

HP digs deeper into the electrochemical and thermal operations of titanium oxide memristors

A couple new papers published from HP Labs and associated university partnerships titled “Switching location of a Bipolar Memristor, Chemical, Thermal and Structural Mapping” and “Molecular dynamics simulations of Oxide Memory Resistors” in next months IOP Science’s Nanotechnology journal detail how HP has continued to focus in on Titanium Oxide based strata. Of particular interest […]

Aixtron sells an automated 300mm Graphene Deposition unit to Japan

Aixtron A.G. (SE) Germany, [AIXG] one of the large scale makers of a spectrum of semiconductor deposition and coating equipment for not only industrial production but also for specialty research and development labs, recently sold an impressive automated 300mm Graphene deposition system (“Black Magic Graphene”) to the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and […]

Medical blood applications of memristors

Human blood has been used to model a biomedical memristor circuit by an Indian university group. In the study, the researchers, who are also studying diodes and capacitors modeled on, and built of, liquid human tissue, were able to model nv memristive behaviour for five minutes in both stationary and flowing blood. The research group […]

RezQu Quantum Architecture hits 4 Qubits

At this weeks American Physical Society March Meeting [APS], its been reported a team has built out a 4 qubit 6x6cm quantum chip using the RezQu architecture model: RezQu seems to have an edge in one crucial arena – scalability – that makes it a good candidate for the far more complex circuits that would […]

Programmable Nanocircuits Advance

Things are heating up in the nanoscale programmable logic circuit “circuit”… A paper submitted to Nature last August has been published this month detailing further advances into the “transputer” programmable logic grail, this time fabricated utilizing ge/si based FET nanowires. The researchers were able to reprogram a so constructed logic tile and implement multiplexer, demultiplexer, […]