The term Memtransistor, a portmanteau of memristor and transistor, (and no relation to MEMS transistors), is generally used to describe a class of proposed and experimental hybrid memristor-transistors. In general it refers to multi terminal (two-terminal and greater) hybrid memristor-transistive devices and models which attempt to exhibit memristive switching effects. Models primarily look to leverage […]

Noise and Variation Tolerant Multilevel Memristor Memory (MLMM) Systems, MRAM macros for Memory-in-Logic

Memristor related papers and abstracts from the 20th Great Lakes symposium on VLSI (May 16 – 18, 2010): Design considerations for variation tolerant multilevel CMOS/Nano memristor memory (Harika Manem, Garrett S. Rose, Xiaoli He, Wei Wang) examines, in part, unfolded crossbar memory noise margins and power consumption: “This work analyzes the design constraints for nanoscale […]

Stan Williams on Memristive Applications [NPR]

Dating from May 2008, this NPR story was done shortly after the discovery by Stan Williams and HP Labs of a memristive material. From the synopsis: “The possibility of such a circuit element, known as the “memristor,” was first described in 1971, but no one was able to find a device with the properties of […]

Memristive Switch [HP Labs]

The Memristive switch: “The team conducted its experiments by building a nanoscale memristor switch – at 50 nanometers by 50 nanometers, it is the world’s smallest – that contained a layer of titanium dioxide (a chemical commonly used in both sunscreen and white paint) between two nanowires. As its name implies, titanium dioxide typically comprises […]

What Are Memristors?

What is a memristor? Memristors are basically a fourth class of electrical circuit, joining the resistor, the capacitor, and the inductor, that exhibit their unique properties primarily at the nanoscale. Theoretically, Memristors, a concatenation of “memory resistors”, are a type of passive circuit elements that maintain a relationship between the time integrals of current and […]

Memristor Abstract from Nature, Journal of Science

The memristor abstract can be found [ here ]. HP Labs has finally created a working model of a Memristor. Kudos! Now full fledged research into the AI Memristor Brain can begin.