A Word About Big Data, Debt, and Science, via Data.Gov

Where does Big Data go to die? With the increasing politicization of the topics of debt, economic growth, and what really spurs innovation, as you may have heard via the recent U.S. Presidential address on the United States debt, the recent (in geopolitical timeframes) government programs that have built and maintain Data.Gov (visit it!) and […]

Botanicalls: DIY Arduino Based Kit

The Wired Store, as part of their green tech merchanitis, recently added the Botanicalls Twitter DIY kit, an arduino/x-port based DIY kit. Detailed instructions for building the twittering-plants seem to indicate this could easily be utilized in a high school grade 9-12, if not middle school, classroom. The x-port configuration and arduino code looks simple […]

New Games and Education

If you havent checked out the Education Arcade project give it a look.  It looks at commercial game aspects in education in part, which is a tricky distinction. I had read an earlier book a couple of years ago, “What Video Games have to teach us about Learning and Literacy” by James Paul Gee, which […]

Debunking the Memristor Brain 2.0 Metaphors?

UPDATE: (April 2010) Science has spoken: two years after this post was written, a paper in Nano Letters will “[demonstrate] that this system is capable of a memory and learning process called spike timing dependent plasticity.” The memristor brain proof-of-concept awaits the slow approach from paper to prototype fabrication. Old Post: From todays HP Lab […]