Artificial Intelligence

John McCarthy, 1927-2011

John McCarthy, the originator of SAIL, LISP, and many aspects of Artificial Intelligence, has died this week, Stanford University has said. He worked in the 50’s alongside Marvin Minsky and Claude Shannon, amongst others, and continued to give talks and show up at events around the world until recent years. He received the A.M. Turing […]

MoNETA Animat overview: IEEE

A great, if optimistic, overview of some of the intersections and confluence of memristor based artificial intelligence research and developments, from DARPA’s SyNAPSE project, in particular, the Animat Moneta (MOdular Neural Exploring Traveling Agent) project (from Boston University’s Neuromorphics Lab), in this months IEEE is worth the read: MoNETA: A Mind Made from Memristors – […]

Synaptic Plasticity Neural Modeling: Dissimilar Memristor Circuits.

Synaptic plasticity modeling may have another boost forward with a recent paper proposal from two Eastern researchers. In “Bottleneck of using single memristor as a synapse and its solution”, researchers Farnood Merrikh-Bayat and Saeed Bagheri Shouraki have stated they were able to more closely model a Hebbian synaptic plasticity model by demonstrating the phenomena under […]

Cat Brain back in Memristor vs Synaptronic AI Showdown

A lot of discussions over the latest memristor platform model to attempt the “Cats Brain” artificial intelligence (read: machine learning, pattern recognition, synaptic modeling) are full of wonder and hype [ex: bb], but the actual algorithmic synaptic simulator program the memristor cat brain study is based on actually goes back quite a ways. Last November, […]

Nano Letters Journal: Memristor Brain Modeling

New research into the “memristor brain” (via the cat brain), (another name for modeling machine learning and pattern recognition on neuronal synapse architectures), will appear in this months NL journal (Journal of Nano Letters). University of Michigan researcher Wei Lu (giving an upcoming talk titled “Si Memristive Devices Applied to Memory and Neuromorphic Circuits” at […]

Slime Mold Periodic Timing with Memristor Modeling

The mathematical modeling of memristors have started its bleedthru into other fields: is reporting in the Quantitative Biology & Cell Behavior a new paper titled Memristive model of amoeba’s learning, by authors Yuriy V. Pershin, Steven La Fontaine, and Massimiliano Di Ventra. Neural nets have been around a long time, even though seemingly of […]