Internet of Things

3G Arduino shield out (3G + GPS)

It may run around $250US at launch, but another company (Libelium) who makes sensors and embedded processing devices with an “open source division” has released a 3G shield for Arduino that comes with both WCDMA and HSPA, GPS, audio/video kit, SD mounts up to 32GB and a slew of other goodies. The M2M space isn’t […]

European Union Internet of Things: Privacy and Regulation Questionnaire

Hot on the heels of Googles problems with European Regulators over their “Streetcars named Undesirable”, the European Commission has launched an on-line public questionnaire for the Internet of Things (IoT) Governance called “Your Voice in Europe”. The questionnaire is available [HERE] until July 10th, 2012. The EU is getting into regulatory issues, partly centered around […]