HP digs deeper into the electrochemical and thermal operations of titanium oxide memristors

A couple new papers published from HP Labs and associated university partnerships titled “Switching location of a Bipolar Memristor, Chemical, Thermal and Structural Mapping” and “Molecular dynamics simulations of Oxide Memory Resistors” in next months IOP Science’s Nanotechnology journal detail how HP has continued to focus in on Titanium Oxide based strata. Of particular interest […]

Aixtron sells an automated 300mm Graphene Deposition unit to Japan

Aixtron A.G. (SE) Germany, [AIXG] one of the large scale makers of a spectrum of semiconductor deposition and coating equipment for not only industrial production but also for specialty research and development labs, recently sold an impressive automated 300mm Graphene deposition system (“Black Magic Graphene”) to the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and […]