Flash Storage

Elpida enters reRam production fray: 30nm DRAM competitor by 2013

Elpida Memory Inc. has produced a ReRam [nonvolatile resistance memory, a DRAM/flash memory competitor] prototype on 50nm at a 64-Mbits capacity, with 10ns write cycles, and 1 million read-write endurance cycles. The substrate material is undisclosed: The prototype was jointly developed with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a Japanese-funded public institution. […]

Intel hits 20nm Flash Storage SSD Milestone

Intel and Micron announced today they have hit the 20nm Flash MLC NAND target. Last months Toshiba milestone of 24nm NAND flash now has competition. Its being reported that Intel and Micron are sending out samples of 20nm NAND flash, at 2 bits per cell, in 8GB die area sizes of 118mm to selected customers: […]

Scientific American on Flash Memory outlook

An great in-depth and comprehensive article from Scientific American today looks at the current and future forecasts of the memory field, across the following competing technologies: DRAM [Dynamic Random Access Memory] SRAM [Static Random Access Memory] RRAM [Resistive random access memory] PRAM [Phase change random access memory] MRAM [Magnetoresistive random access memory] NRAM [Nano random […]

Toshibas 2.5 Inch 512gb SSD Announced

Shortly on the heels of Toshiba’s propping up of SanDisk to gain some leverage in the SSD market against giant Samsung, Toshiba has announced that it will be bringing a new lineup of NAND-flash-based solid state drives to market in the first quarter of 2009. Claiming the industry’s first 2.5-inch 512GB SSD, based on 43 […]

Transparent resistive random access memory and its characteristics for nonvolatile resistive switching (TRRAM)

Aside from the fear of invisible androids, a recent paper at Applied Physics Letters on the possibility of transparent resistive memory, or TRRAM, adds another item to the infinite task list of “what can we do with this?”: . This report covers the fabrication of a fully transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) device based […]