Scientific American on Flash Memory outlook

flash-memory An great in-depth and comprehensive article from Scientific American today looks at the current and future forecasts of the memory field, across the following competing technologies:

  • DRAM [Dynamic Random Access Memory]
  • SRAM [Static Random Access Memory]
  • RRAM [Resistive random access memory]
  • PRAM [Phase change random access memory]
  • MRAM [Magnetoresistive random access memory]
  • NRAM [Nano random access memory]

As mentioned before, one of the tangential memory types, Nano RAM, which has a focus on spaceflight usages due to the development of radiation resistant properties, continues to be developed:

Nano RAM, which works by placing billions of carbon nanotubes on a silicon chip to store data, is under development by Woburn, Mass. based Nantero. When an electrostatic force is applied, carbon nanotubes move up and down to represent 0s or 1s. The company says it has demonstrated that NRAM has the speed and capacity to surpass other memory types and can be manufactured in existing chip-making facilities. [SciAm Full Article]

Nantero’s description: [Nantero]

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