Intel hits 20nm Flash Storage SSD Milestone

20-nm-flash-memory Intel and Micron announced today they have hit the 20nm Flash MLC NAND target. Last months Toshiba milestone of 24nm NAND flash now has competition. Its being reported that Intel and Micron are sending out samples of 20nm NAND flash, at 2 bits per cell, in 8GB die area sizes of 118mm to selected customers:

The product should enter mass production in the second half of 2011. [……] The new process results in an 8 gigabyte product and reduces board space by about 30% to 40%, allowing tablet and smartphone makers to use the extra space for improvements such as a bigger battery, larger screen or adding another chip to handle new features—important factors for companies like Apple Inc., which try to include as many improvements as possible in a small form factor. [wsj]

Further details have Intel and Micron hitting a 16 GB FF for the second half of this year, allowing for hitting the magic 128GB SSD in the size of a nickel. We’ll see how long it will take IMFT to get the production cycles up and running. Also, a 16nm nand flash process may be coming in towards the end of year [source]. Over at Anandtech, its being noted that the first 20nm NAND may be fabricated in Lehi, Utah, and that Intel-Micron might possibly transition its other fabrication production facilities in Manassas, Virginia, and Singapore to 20nm later.

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