Toshiba announces date for promised 24nm NAND flash

flash-memory Toshiba (TAEC) announced the release dates today for their 24nm smartNAND NAND flash memory chips. These are the 48 pin TSOP (12mm x 20mm x 1.2mm), 52 land LGA (14mm x 18mm x 1.0mm) there had been talk about since last year: standard NAND flash memory interface, 8K Byte page size, 4 read and 2 write type modes, MLC of 2 bits/cell, ~2.7-3.6vs. They promise an improvement of 1.9 x faster read, 1.5 x write speeds over 32nm flash (note: source is Toshiba press release! mm hmm.). The following smartNAND size and release schedule is below:

Toshiba 24nm NAND Flash Production Release Schedule:

4GB 48 pin TSOP May, 2011 2Q, 2011
52 land LGA August, 2011 3Q, 2011
8GB 48 pin TSOP April, 2011 2Q, 2011
52 land LGA July, 2011 3Q, 2011
16GB 48 pin TSOP September, 2011 4Q, 2011
52 land LGA May, 2011 2Q, 2011
32G 52 land LGA June, 2011 3Q, 2011
64GB 52 land LGA August, 2011 3Q, 2011

[Source: Toshiba]

24nm is a very nice milestone. Any kind of improvement in scale and production helps get closer to improving the efficacy of ultra low power distributed sensor hardware. And a step closer to getting some of this real “big data” coming in. Of course, some of the more extreme SPICE and mathematics modelers have proposed terabits of data for memristors in a 12 x 12 mm package (including many FPGA functions). But THAT release schedule is not to be spoken of for at least ten years.

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