Intel hits 20nm Flash Storage SSD Milestone

Intel and Micron announced today they have hit the 20nm Flash MLC NAND target. Last months Toshiba milestone of 24nm NAND flash now has competition. Its being reported that Intel and Micron are sending out samples of 20nm NAND flash, at 2 bits per cell, in 8GB die area sizes of 118mm to selected customers: […]

This Week, in Memory

As spice modeling for memristive circuits matures and begins to show the possible scope of theoretical applications, and Apple pushes towards SSD adoption, and Sandisk flash memory conquers investor outlooks, and memcapacitance mutators are successfully modeled, and flexible graphene oxides move towards experimental reram fabrication, and spin computing gets its own graphene boost, it may […]

Intel SSD Roadmap Drives larger than 600GB?

An article on Intels roadmap for SSD shows theyre going for 600GB tops in their Postville SSD design, using a 34nm process… and sticking to MLC vs SLC. First off is a refresh to the high performance X25-M range of SSDs. Currently available in 80GB and 160GB models, these will be replaced by a new […]

Corsair Components Memory files for 86 mill IPO

Corsair Components Inc., post-IPO to be known as “CRSR”, is well known amongst custom hardware tinkerers and gamers for high speed DRAM memory modules, flash drives, power supply units, solid state drives (SSD), cooling systems, and other modular peripherals around PC gaming hardware. On friday, they filed to raise up to $86.25 million in an […]

SSD Solid State Disk Drives hit the 1 TB mark, but miss price point by 40 Parsecs

Yes, its $4000. But bleeding edge, proof of concept always comes with the most unrealistic price tags. Independent of that, OCZ, whose been working on competing with intel for the bottom of the SSD consumer market, steps over the bleedline with a new line of 120gb to 1TB Colossus Solid State Drives… yes, 1 Terabyte. […]

Low-Power Price Point SSD’s from Intel vs. OCZ

Theyve been out for about a month now, at least in Asia: the $100-hoverprice Solid State Drives in their “Value” editions… the main competitors being OCZs 30GB Onyx SSD (although their higher end 30GB Vertex recently hit the $119 mark, as they just released the higher-cost Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SATA II 2.5″ models), […]