Hewlitt Packard announces Working 3 Nanometer Memristors

Memristors are hitting the non-mainstream mainstream again with a concurrent widespread media blitz surrounding a recent Nature Journal Letter publication by the HP Team in this months issue… a long way from last years Organic Memristors and Adaptive Networks, but further along the road towards the social networks of things? From the NYTimes comes an […]

IM Flash (IMFT, Intel and Micron) hit 25nm NAND Mark

As written about earlier, the intel and micron co-development company IM Flash (IMFI) is announcing theyve reached a 25nm NAND design and manufacturing milestone. This is great news for SSD and flash memory markets, although not necessarily for competitors. Still, the ONFI (Open NAND Flash Interface) consortium as a whole stands to benefit in part… […]

X25-M Intel SSD Toolbox Firmware Upgrade for Windows 7 OS Problems

Its being reported in Computer World that the Intel release of the SSD Toolkit firmware upgrade software was pulled after it was found to crash both the Intel X25-M G2 160GB and 80GB SSD drives: “We have been contacted by users with issues with the 34-nanometer Intel SSD firmware upgrade and are investigating. We take […]

Flash SSD Performance Degradation.. Explained!

A great article on anandtech spends a moment to explain the performance degradation of NAND flash SSD based drives: “As far as the OS is concerned we needed to write 12KB of data and it got written. Our SSD controller knows what really transpired however. In order to write that 12KB of data we had […]

Toshibas 2.5 Inch 512gb SSD Announced

Shortly on the heels of Toshiba’s propping up of SanDisk to gain some leverage in the SSD market against giant Samsung, Toshiba has announced that it will be bringing a new lineup of NAND-flash-based solid state drives to market in the first quarter of 2009. Claiming the industry’s first 2.5-inch 512GB SSD, based on 43 […]

Transparent resistive random access memory and its characteristics for nonvolatile resistive switching (TRRAM)

Aside from the fear of invisible androids, a recent paper at Applied Physics Letters on the possibility of transparent resistive memory, or TRRAM, adds another item to the infinite task list of “what can we do with this?”: . This report covers the fabrication of a fully transparent resistive random access memory (TRRAM) device based […]