A Word About Big Data, Debt, and Science, via Data.Gov

Where does Big Data go to die? With the increasing politicization of the topics of debt, economic growth, and what really spurs innovation, as you may have heard via the recent U.S. Presidential address on the United States debt, the recent (in geopolitical timeframes) government programs that have built and maintain Data.Gov (visit it!) and […]

Aixtron sells an automated 300mm Graphene Deposition unit to Japan

Aixtron A.G. (SE) Germany, [AIXG] one of the large scale makers of a spectrum of semiconductor deposition and coating equipment for not only industrial production but also for specialty research and development labs, recently sold an impressive automated 300mm Graphene deposition system (“Black Magic Graphene”) to the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and […]

Corsair Components Memory files for 86 mill IPO

Corsair Components Inc., post-IPO to be known as “CRSR”, is well known amongst custom hardware tinkerers and gamers for high speed DRAM memory modules, flash drives, power supply units, solid state drives (SSD), cooling systems, and other modular peripherals around PC gaming hardware. On friday, they filed to raise up to $86.25 million in an […]

Memristors on Seeking Alpha: the Investors Perspective on Science. Reality?

Its always interesting to take a slice of the non-scientific perspectives on emerging technology… particularly in politics and economics, as those fields can have a profound impact on which science does get pursued, and which doesnt. An easily accessible way to see things through the eyes of the market Investor community is to take a […]

Transmeta Receives Intel Payment, Goes Up For Sale

Transmeta, first adopters in the low-power processor field but now primarily licensors of their intellectual property and patents, has begun a discovery process relating to a potential sale of the company. This comes on the heels of an agreement reached between Transmeta and Intel over intellectual property and patents which consists of Intel making a one-time […]