SSD Solid State Disk Drives hit the 1 TB mark, but miss price point by 40 Parsecs

SSD, no HDD Yes, its $4000. But bleeding edge, proof of concept always comes with the most unrealistic price tags. Independent of that, OCZ, whose been working on competing with intel for the bottom of the SSD consumer market, steps over the bleedline with a new line of 120gb to 1TB Colossus Solid State Drives… yes, 1 Terabyte.

The 3.5″ SATA II, MLC NAND, 128MB Cache, Internal RAID, Dual Controller Solid State Drive finally sets the bloodbar for the HDD v SSD hardware glomming, although a Mean-Time-Between-Failure of 1 million hours has a different meaning for data security and dependability at these larger storage levels. But… 1TB? Who cares. The number is just so attractive in the SSD market it just drowns out that “$4000” ECHO echo echo.

If we’re going to start throwing around microscopic sensors with onboard low-power flash storage before alternative 3-5 year low fab cost storage solutions arrive, like HP’s promised 3-year Memristive devices, the market will have to start putting downward price pressures through high-end product mechanisms like the 1TB SSD mark. Anything that opens up the space to competition and efficiency in production should be supported.

Either way, heres the PDF Datasheet. Look for it in the museum of Jurassic Technology soon, hopefully replaced by the 10 TB head-of-a-pin passive power SSD…

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