IBM Graphene Transistor hits 155 Ghz at 40nm

transistor Graphene continues to show its potential with a new paper out detailing the production of 40nm graphene transistors (on diamond carbon substrate) that scaled to cut off frequencies up to 155Ghz, researchers out of IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center, New York stated:

The CVD [chemical vapour deposition] graphene was grown on copper film and transferred to a wafer of diamond-like carbon. Cut-off frequencies as high as 155 GHz have been obtained for the 40-nm transistors, and the cut-off frequency was found to scale as 1/(gate length). [nature]

Additionally, relating to last weeks announcement of self cooling graphene transistor effects, the researchers state re: carrier freeze out effects that:

…the r.f. performance of our graphene devices exhibits little temperature dependence down to 4.3 K.

Thats cool.

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