New Games and Education

If you havent checked out the Education Arcade project give it a look.  It looks at commercial game aspects in education in part, which is a tricky distinction. I had read an earlier book a couple of years ago, “What Video Games have to teach us about Learning and Literacy” by James Paul Gee, which was quite an eye opener in terms of thinking in new ways about games as teaching tools. The field of gaming and games seems to grow and worm its way into education in a new way every day. I recently saw an interesting post on a game developers blog about ICED, with discussion about the fine borderline between propaganda and education. ICED is about a youth going through the process of attaining US Citizenship, and seems pretty developed, although it does point out some of the difficulties when educating along politicized lines. But then, if the NCLB isnt politicized, what is?

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