Bittech: AMD Fusion CPU GPU to ship 2011

tmeteffBit-tech has a short interclip with AMD spokesperson Bob Grim on AMD’s attempts at GPGPU’s, vis a vis the upcoming Fusion, supposedly on target to ship first quarter 2011:

“There was a fair bit of engineering work involved too, but we just have a tradition of building a piece of silicon from the ground up, in fact the only MCM (Multi-Chip Module) solution I’m aware of that we’ve ever done is on the server side with our 12-core product (the Opteron 6174). [Regardless], what we’ll be launching with Fusion is definitely all on one die.” When asked if building a CPU/GPU hybrid chip on a single piece of silicon would yield any advantages beyond speed, Grim replied, “We hope so. We’ve just got the silicon in and we’re going through the paces right now – the engineers are taking a look at it. But it should have power and performance advantages. Going to the 32nm [manufacturing process] is also going to help.”

Catch-up attempt, or new “synergy”? Continue reading the rest at » bit-tech.

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