HP Labs and Hynix Semiconductor move towards Memristor Production Schedule

Memristor Symbol
The HP Labs and Hynix partnership is currently producing “hundreds of wafers through a Hynix full-size fab.”, Stan Williams was quoted at the International Electronics Forum 2011 yesterday. No word on how many of HP’s memristive, phase change PCM, and resistive RAM patents are still in process, especially with other competitors such as Samsung and IBM close behind. Or in front of. Although HP has done a lot of the real-world legwork on metal oxides, on stackability, and memristor logic applications, the patent background is chaotic to say the least in terms of how licensing will work out in the end. Still, even with an apparent soft retraction of Williams statement that the answer to “when will the first commercial memristors will be on the market?” is 2013, its exciting to see a year on HP’s roadmap that already has its calendars printed up.

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