cat brain

Ultrathin Brain-Computer Interfaces advance

A study published recently in the April issue of Nature Materials has shown some advances in the area of creating better interfaces for sensing neurological and brain neural activity. In the study, neurologists implanted a silk based, ultrathin Brain Computer Interface mesh onto the visual processing area of a cats brain. “Dissolvable films of silk […]

Cat Brain back in Memristor vs Synaptronic AI Showdown

A lot of discussions over the latest memristor platform model to attempt the “Cats Brain” artificial intelligence (read: machine learning, pattern recognition, synaptic modeling) are full of wonder and hype [ex: bb], but the actual algorithmic synaptic simulator program the memristor cat brain study is based on actually goes back quite a ways. Last November, […]

Nano Letters Journal: Memristor Brain Modeling

New research into the “memristor brain” (via the cat brain), (another name for modeling machine learning and pattern recognition on neuronal synapse architectures), will appear in this months NL journal (Journal of Nano Letters). University of Michigan researcher Wei Lu (giving an upcoming talk titled “Si Memristive Devices Applied to Memory and Neuromorphic Circuits” at […]