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Broadcom WICED embedded wi-fi single chips moves Networked Devices forward

Networked devices and connectivity for both embedded sensors and other internet-of-things tech got a boost as another player enters the space with another embedded hardware/software single-chip networking device. Broadcom released a press released with an overview earlier today. “Press Release” jargon aside, they look like they’ll be pretty fun to tinker with. Time to make […]

Sensor Roundup: Cisco and 6lowPan, BSI cmos markets, MEMs growth

Sensors and actuators from CMOS to MEMS continue to get the industrial attention they deserve, as the week ends on a round of buyups, production rampups, and forecastups. Now they just need to work on the network bandwith problems… (maybe using some hints from Clifford Nass’s (Stanfords CHIMe Lab) awesome new book “The Man Who […]

Belkin buys Zensi Home Energy Monitoring Sensors

Its just one moment in the home energy monitoring churn, but its of interest because Belkin both has some consumer clout, and is also known to the general public as the “cable and outlet” people. So when Belkin buys a small home energy monitoring sensor company like Zensi a week or two ago, one can […]