Resistive switching in silicon suboxide films

in Papers of Interest (silicon oxide memristors): Format: Journal Abstract Title: “Resistive switching in silicon suboxide films” Authors: Adnan Mehonic, Maciej Wojdak, Stephen Hudziak, and Anthony J. Kenyon (all of Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, London, UK) , Sébastien Cueff, Christophe Labbé, and Richard Rizk (all of CIMAP, France), Blas Garrido and Olivier Jambois […]

Ideal Memristance via Formal Modeling of Bernoulli Memristors

A paper submitted on arxiv (via the Department of Chemistry and Department of Bioengineering Imperial College in London) details the results of mathematically modeling an ideal framework class of memristors on Bernoullis differential equations: Such differentials can always be linearized and thus make it easier to obtain analytic/closed form expressions of the form v(t) = […]