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Solving mazes with memristors: a massively-parallel approach

in Papers of Interest: Format: Journal Abstract Title: “Solving mazes with memristors: a massively-parallel approach” Authors: Yuriy V. Pershin (Department of Physics and Astronomy, USC Nanocenter, University of South Carolina) and Massimiliano Di Ventra (Department of Physics, University of California San Diego) Source: Physical Review E, Vol. 84, Issue 4 (2011) Publication Date: 14 October […]

Nano Letters Journal: Memristor Brain Modeling

New research into the “memristor brain” (via the cat brain), (another name for modeling machine learning and pattern recognition on neuronal synapse architectures), will appear in this months NL journal (Journal of Nano Letters). University of Michigan researcher Wei Lu (giving an upcoming talk titled “Si Memristive Devices Applied to Memory and Neuromorphic Circuits” at […]