Memristor based reactance-less oscillator

in Papers of Interest: Format: Journal Abstract Title: “Memristor based reactanceless oscillators” Authors: M. Affan Zidan, H. Omran, K.N. Salama, A.G. Radwan (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Electrical Engineering Program, Saudi Arabia) Source: IEE Electronics Letters, Volume 47, Issue 22 Publication Date: 27 October 2011 (c) Attribution: © 2011 The Institution of Engineering […]

This Week, in Memory

As spice modeling for memristive circuits matures and begins to show the possible scope of theoretical applications, and Apple pushes towards SSD adoption, and Sandisk flash memory conquers investor outlooks, and memcapacitance mutators are successfully modeled, and flexible graphene oxides move towards experimental reram fabrication, and spin computing gets its own graphene boost, it may […]