Synaptic Plasticity Neural Modeling: Dissimilar Memristor Circuits.

Synaptic plasticity modeling may have another boost forward with a recent paper proposal from two Eastern researchers. In “Bottleneck of using single memristor as a synapse and its solution”, researchers Farnood Merrikh-Bayat and Saeed Bagheri Shouraki have stated they were able to more closely model a Hebbian synaptic plasticity model by demonstrating the phenomena under […]

Cat Brain back in Memristor vs Synaptronic AI Showdown

A lot of discussions over the latest memristor platform model to attempt the “Cats Brain” artificial intelligence (read: machine learning, pattern recognition, synaptic modeling) are full of wonder and hype [ex: bb], but the actual algorithmic synaptic simulator program the memristor cat brain study is based on actually goes back quite a ways. Last November, […]