Happy Patent Day: Magnetic Core Memory Ram, May 11, 1951

Does hand woven memory sound too poetic to be true? On the occasion of MIT’s 1951 Project Whirlwind‘s electrostatic storage medium the Magnetic Core Memory (RAM), advances in phase change and nonvolatile memory tech made possible by Chua’s memristor mathematics really highlights the almost half century of distance from the earliest model of a memory […]

Types of Memristors

There are quite a few vectors of inquiry researching various types of memristors. The material implementation of a memristor is important to how they behave in a memristive system. its important to understand the difference between a memristor, and a memristive system, because the specific type of memristor can highlight different strengths and weaknesses, and […]

Samsungs Phase-change Memory (pram)

Samsungs phase change memory (PRAM) gets a press release: On the heel of last weeks missing of the 1gb, 45nm phase change memory deadline by Numonyx (ie, Micron, ie intel), comes the announcement that Samsung Electronics, a Numonyx competitor in the PCM memory arena, is planning on shipping a nonvolatile multichip pram package for smartphones […]

Memristor Applications

What Memristive applications are on the horizon, and how close are they to reality? We look at a survey of memristor applications and technology, starting from what the first devices will look like, and where they might go. This reference page will be updated as advances in each of the areas are made. – Non-volatile […]

Processor In Memory: Return of the Transputer

The Memristor has recently brought about a lookback at early Processor In Memory attempts, one of which was the Transputer. INMOS, a UK semiconductor company from the early 1980’s, (later the familiar ST Electronics, NYSE:STM) invested heavily in concurrent computing microprocessor design, which, while missing the target on a viable “Plastic Pal who’s Fun to […]

Nano Letters Journal: Memristor Brain Modeling

New research into the “memristor brain” (via the cat brain), (another name for modeling machine learning and pattern recognition on neuronal synapse architectures), will appear in this months NL journal (Journal of Nano Letters). University of Michigan researcher Wei Lu (giving an upcoming talk titled “Si Memristive Devices Applied to Memory and Neuromorphic Circuits” at […]