Toshiba announces date for promised 24nm NAND flash

Toshiba (TAEC) announced the release dates today for their 24nm smartNAND NAND flash memory chips. These are the 48 pin TSOP (12mm x 20mm x 1.2mm), 52 land LGA (14mm x 18mm x 1.0mm) there had been talk about since last year: standard NAND flash memory interface, 8K Byte page size, 4 read and 2 […]

Nanoscale Thermoelectric Peltier cooling in Graphene

Thermoelectric peltier cooling effects at graphene and metal junctions have been demonstrated by a group out of the University of Illinois. Kyle Grosse, Feifei Lian, Myung-Ho Bae,William King, and Eric Pop used “… atomic force microscopy to measure the temperature distributions at the contacts of working graphene transistors”: Our data indicate that thermoelectric effects account […]

Memristor Crossbar Based Fuzzy Membership Functions

Not to be confused with the other research into probabilistic computing, a new paper out on arxiv proposes an interesting method for implementing fuzzy membership functions via crossbar thresholding: This process can simply be implemented by the memristor crossbar-based circuit shown [.fig.] Memristance of the memristors at those crosspoints which are specified by black dots […]

Sandisk Integrated iSSD: The SSD Market shrinks.

Sometimes small news can be bigger than big news. Sandisk is lending support to miniaturizing IC embedded hard drives for small SSD sizes less, between 4Gb and 64GB. The SATA interfaced iSSD is designed for efficient integration with low power consumption and mobile/netbook type devices: Performance: Sequential R/W up to 160 MB/s / 100 MB/s […]

Memristor-based Nonvolatile Synchronous Flip-flop Latch Circuits (Journal of Nanotechnology)

The Nanotechnology Journal Volume 21, Number 23 is out online today with the short paper by Stan Williams et al submitted this last March that details more specifics about HP Labs early attempts at a nonvolatile, memristor based flip-flop latch circuit: We describe the implementation of a nonvolatile synchronous flip-flop circuit that uses a nanoscale […]

Bittech: AMD Fusion CPU GPU to ship 2011

Bit-tech has a short interclip with AMD spokesperson Bob Grim on AMD’s attempts at GPGPU’s, vis a vis the upcoming Fusion, supposedly on target to ship first quarter 2011: “There was a fair bit of engineering work involved too, but we just have a tradition of building a piece of silicon from the ground up, […]