A Word About Big Data, Debt, and Science, via Data.Gov

Where does Big Data go to die? With the increasing politicization of the topics of debt, economic growth, and what really spurs innovation, as you may have heard via the recent U.S. Presidential address on the United States debt, the recent (in geopolitical timeframes) government programs that have built and maintain Data.Gov (visit it!) and […]

Invisible Computers: CENSE, Big Data, Stan Williams, and Ubiquitous Computing

Big Data, Stan Williams CENSE (Central Nervous System for the Earth), Ubicomp, (Ubiquitous Computing), sensors and memristors get another NYT mention by John Markoff this week (titled Computers as Invisible as the Air). Especially pleased to see the mention of the Big Data problem, clearly and rigorously on the horizon. As more and more of […]