HP digs deeper into the electrochemical and thermal operations of titanium oxide memristors

A couple new papers published from HP Labs and associated university partnerships titled “Switching location of a Bipolar Memristor, Chemical, Thermal and Structural Mapping” and “Molecular dynamics simulations of Oxide Memory Resistors” in next months IOP Science’s Nanotechnology journal detail how HP has continued to focus in on Titanium Oxide based strata. Of particular interest […]

Nanoscale Thermoelectric Peltier cooling in Graphene

Thermoelectric peltier cooling effects at graphene and metal junctions have been demonstrated by a group out of the University of Illinois. Kyle Grosse, Feifei Lian, Myung-Ho Bae,William King, and Eric Pop used “… atomic force microscopy to measure the temperature distributions at the contacts of working graphene transistors”: Our data indicate that thermoelectric effects account […]

Programmable Nanocircuits Advance

Things are heating up in the nanoscale programmable logic circuit “circuit”… A paper submitted to Nature last August has been published this month detailing further advances into the “transputer” programmable logic grail, this time fabricated utilizing ge/si based FET nanowires. The researchers were able to reprogram a so constructed logic tile and implement multiplexer, demultiplexer, […]