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Silicon based Memristors: New Findings

A paper detailing new findings in silicon based memristors is out titled “Resistive switching in silicon suboxide films” [abstract]. While other teams in the past, such as a partnership between Rice university and Privatran, Inc. have been working on silicon based substrates for awhile, the current research utilized a novel method for both deposition and […]

Resistive switching in silicon suboxide films

in Papers of Interest (silicon oxide memristors): Format: Journal Abstract Title: “Resistive switching in silicon suboxide films” Authors: Adnan Mehonic, Maciej Wojdak, Stephen Hudziak, and Anthony J. Kenyon (all of Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, London, UK) , Sébastien Cueff, Christophe Labbé, and Richard Rizk (all of CIMAP, France), Blas Garrido and Olivier Jambois […]