Intel X25-M SATA SSD Solid State Drive Performance

Intels Flash Memory drive, as in, Intels drive into the flash memory market, started out this month with the release of their X25-M and X25-E SSD’s, and they look impressive. The X25-E is primarily designed for enterprise applications with a lower 75ms read latency, while the 25-M, designed for the consumer and laptop market, has a higher 85ms RL. The 25-M will come in 80 and 160GB flavors, while the 25-E will have 32 and 64GB options. Now that SSD memory drives are starting to come out of the bleeding-edge event horizon, lets hope that early adopters are willing to take the risk. Small business, especially, who use databases and serve web apps under 60GB seem to be in a market segment that can cut their costs and see the greatest cost benefit over a short timeframe.

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