Stan Williams, Video Lecture on the Memristors Discovery

sw Stan Williams, Video Lecture on “Finding the Missing Memristor”, detailing the discovery and production of HP’s titanium dioxide based memristor, given at the UC San Diego Center for Networked Systems [UCSD CNS]:

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3 Responses to “Stan Williams, Video Lecture on the Memristors Discovery”

  1. Christoph

    Concerning formula for Memristance

    dw(t)/dt = mu_v R_on/D i(t)
    => w(t) = mu_v R_on/D (q(t) + q_0) taking only q_0 = 0 solution:
    w(t) = mu_v R_on/D q(t)

    M(q) = R_on w(t)/D + R_off (1-w(t)/D)
    M(q) = mu_v R_on^2/D^2 q(t) + R_off (1 – mu_v R_on/D^2 q(t))

    isn’t the term: (mu_v R_on^2/D^2 q(t)) missing in the formula given for M(q) at 14:56, or did I miss something?

  2. Christoph

    The missing memristor found
    Dmitri B. Strukov, Gregory S. Snider, Duncan R. Stewart & R. Stanley Williams
    published in nature vol 453

    it is explained that the term involving the factor (R_on^2) is neglected because R_on << R_off

  3. ASH

    they have considered Ron<<Roff

    so they have neglected the term.

    hope u got it

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