Memristor Behaviors of Highly Oriented Anatase TiO2 Film Electrode Sandwich

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Title: “Memristor Behaviors of Highly Oriented Anatase TiO2 Film Sandwiched between Top Pt and Bottom SrRuO3 Electrodes”
Authors: In-Sung Yoon, Jin Sik Choi, Yeon Soo Kim, Sa Hwan Hong, In Rok Hwang, Sung-Oong Kang, Jin-Soo Kim, Bae Ho Park – Division of Quantum Phases and Devices, Department of Physics, Konkuk University, Korea. Yoon Chang Park – National Nanofab Center, Korea
Source: Applied Physics Express 4 (2011) 041101
Format: Journal Abstract, Full Text
Publication Date: 6 April 2011
(c) Attribution: ©2011 The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Synopsis: “Bipolar resistive switching behaviors have been observed in Pt/TiO2/SrRuO3 structures whose TiO2 has a highly oriented anatase phase. The resistive switching behaviors reveal a strong dependence on the duration time of the switching pulse, top electrode size, and amplitude of the switching voltage. We have also analyzed the conduction mechanisms of each resistance state in both polarities. All the resistive switching characteristics of our Pt/TiO2/SrRuO3 structures can be explained by memristor behavior based on locally induced ion migration.”

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