Molecular dynamics simulations of Oxide Memory Resistors

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Format: Journal Abstract

Title: “Molecular dynamics simulations of oxide memory resistors (memristors)”

Authors: S.E. Savel’ev [Department of Physics, Loughborough University UK], A.S. Alexandrov [Department of Physics, Loughborough University UK and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories], A M Bratkovsky and R Stanley Williams [Hewlett-Packard Laboratories]

Source: IOP Science, Nanotechnology, Volume 22 Number 25

Publication Date: 16 May 2011

Attribution: 2011 IOP Science

Synopsis: “Reversible bipolar nanoswitches that can be set and read electronically in a solid-state two-terminal device are very promising for applications. We have performed molecular dynamics simulations that mimic systems with oxygen vacancies interacting via realistic potentials and driven by an external bias voltage. The competing short and long-range interactions among charged mobile vacancies lead to density fluctuations and short-range ordering, while illustrating some aspects of observed experimental behavior, such as memristor polarity inversion. The simulations show that the localized conductive filaments and uniform push-pull models for memristive switching are actually two extremes of the one stochastic mechanism.”

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